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Jet (2003) - Dirty Sweet


01.Take it or leave
02.Cold hard bitch
03.Move on
04.Rollover DJ

Jet (2003) - Get born (Canciones 1-16) (Canciones 17-21)


01.Last chance
02.Are you gonna be my girl
03.Rollover DJ
04.Look what you've done
05.Get what you need
06.Move on
07.Radio song
08.Get me outta here
09.Cold hard bitch
10.Come around again
11.Take it or leave it
12.Lazy gun
14.Sgt. Major (bonus track)
15.Are you gonna be my girl (Acoustic) (bonus track)
16.Bruises (Demo) (bonus track)
17.Hey kids (bonus track)
18.Move on (Live)
19.Cold hard bitch (Live)
20.You don't look the same (Demo) (bonus track)
21.Look what you've done (Live)

Jet (2003) - Are you gonna be my girl (Single)


01.Are you gonna be my girl
02.Last chance
03.Hey kids
04.You were right (Demo)

Jet (2004) - Cold hard bitch (Single)


01.Cold hard bitch
02.Everlovin' man
03.Ain't that a lotta love
04.You don't look the same (demo)
05.Cold hard bitch (live mercury lounge nyc 08-07-2003)

Jet (2004) - Right! Right! Right! (audio DVD)


01.Get what you need
02.Last chance
03.Rollover DJ
04.Sweet young thing
05.Lazy gun
06.Radio song
07.Look what you've done
08.Hey kids
09.Are you gonna be my girl
10.Cold hard bitch
11.Get me outta here
12.Take it or leave it
13.Move on
14.That's alright mama

(2004) - Family style (audio DVD)


01.Cold hard bitch
02.Get what you need
03.Sweet young thing
04.Rollover DJ
05.Look what you've done
06.Lazy gun
07.Are you gonna be my girl
08.Hey kids
09.Last chance
10.Get me out of here
11.Take it or leave it
12.Move on
13.That's alright mama

Jet (2004) - Rarities + Fallig star (BSO Spider-man 3)


01.Are you gonna be my girl (Alternate Version)
02.Sgt. Major (Single)
03.Hey kids (Single)
04.Back door santa (Single)
05.Are you gonna be my girl (Acoustic)
06.Hold on (Spiderman 2 OST 2004)
07.You were right (Demo) (Single)
08.You don't look the same (Demo)
09.Bruises (Single)
10.Cigarettes and cola (Single)
11.Everlovin' man
12.Ain't that a lotta love
13.Are you gonna be my girl (Live)
14.Cold hard bitch (Live)
15.That's alright mamma (Live)
16.Look what you've done (Live)
17.Move on (Live)
18.Are you gonna be my girl (Session Version)
19.Take it or leave it (EP Version)
20.Cold hard bitch (EP Version)
21.Rollover D.J. (EP Version)
22.Put your money where your mouth is (2006)
23.Falling star (BSO Spider-man 3)

Jet (2006) - Shine on (Canciones 1-9) (Canciones 10-14)


01.L'esprit D'escalier
03.Put your money where your mouth is
04.Bring it on back
05.That's all lies
06.Kings horses
07.Shine on
08.Come on, come on
09.Stand up
10.Rip it up
11.Skin and bones
12.Shiny magazine
14.All you have to do

Jet (2007) - Acoustic EP


01.Bring it on back (UK Acoustic Version)
02.Kings horses (UK Acoustic Version)
03.Look what you've done (UK Acoustic Version)
04.Shine on (UK Acoustic Version)
05.Are you gonna be my girl (UK Acoustic Version)

Jet (2006) - Shine on B-sides


01.Hey kids (Shine on version)
02.Snap your fingers (Barbados Demo)
03.This night is yours (Demo)
04.I only like you when I'm high (Demo)
05.Jane Jones
06.Where all my good friends
07.Coming home soon
08.The only place thats up from here
09.Eleanor (Full band version)
10.We can't be beaten
11.Falling star
12.Hey kids (bonus track)
13.Sweet young thing (bonus track)

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